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About us

Stem Education

Our Vision

We envision to empower young brains with future-ready technology and encourage entrepreneurship through invention, creativity, and problem-solving approaches by making high robotics education more accessible and enjoyable.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide real-time practical concepts and use cases for 1 million students by the end of 2030, and to enable the technological revolution through affordable and high-quality education.

"We believe in helping Kids & Schools to drive constant innovation & Learn Future Skill by our Principle of "Activity based learning ” technique to improve your kids Curiosity and Learning Experience via setting up STEM labs and encourage "Learning by Doing".

Message from Our Founder

"Making Robotics Education More Accessible and Fun!"

On behalf of my team, it is my privilege to welcome you as the Head and founder of Srisha Robotics Academy.

STEM Education has emerged as a distinct phenomenon that caters to the existing demand of the education sector by providing progressive knowledge and training to young minds.

Srisha Robotics Academy believe in reinventing the Indian educational standard, envisioning the introduction of novel trends that emphasize the features of industry-specific knowledge rather than theoretical learning. We stand committed to providing an enriching and intriguing experience for the students.

Today, I am proud that we stand out with our innovative teaching standards. The academy is involved in future-based learning activities to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among young people. At the same time, I am delighted to say that Srisha Robotics Academy is a member of the All India Council of Robotics and Automation.

I encourage you to take some time and explore programs, courses, and join our Srisha Community as we bring learning to life. My commitment is to make each one of our student to be a success story.

Our Story

What started off as just a 4 person team who trained at different locations for robotics is now one of the more renowned educational organizations.

It was that time when the market for Robotics training was not booming like it is today.

With a team of only 4 members, he began ‘Srisha Robotics Academy’ though it was much more difficult for them to reach out to different locations for being residing in rural areas. With no leads and absolutely zero experience, he jumped into this unknown territory of Robotics where revenue was a big concern. Even managing the running cost had been difficult. But his untiring love and passion for robotics paved a way to his success. Being a blessed soul, he soon got an opportunity, which was a turning point for him, and since then he never looked back!

Now, Srisha Robotics Academy provides Coding and Programming lab with different technologies like AI, ML, Python, App development, 3d Designing, Arduino and so on. We also conduct some of the best Workshops, Academic Programs, Innovation Labs, Programming, AI and ML labs, and Project guidance.

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